top airdrops and bounties are the hottest in May 2018

On the internet now there are many cryptocurency scam projects. They scam to misuse the community money or to obtain information from users for use in bad intentions. Today I would like to introduce you 5 projects with the hottest airdrop program today.There are listings on

1. BlockSpot (BPT)

The complexity of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for beginners to start trading. Current platforms impose high barriers to entry, because they often lack usability, transparency and education. As a result, many people are discouraged to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Blockport aims to develop an end-to-end trading platform that addresses these problems by effectively combining proven technological, social and crypto economic concepts to create a completely new and effortless trading experience.

Currently, blockspot has a list on coinmarketcap whose rank 374 and price of coin is currently $0.466824 USD.

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2. Refereum (RFR)

Refereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games. Refereum uses the blockchain to directly connect developers and influencers, resulting in lower marketing costs and increased profits for everyone. In addition to more effective growth, Refereum strengthens

There is a fourth round airdrop program with the total number of coin received extremely potential. The current RFR price is $ 0.016281 USD

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3. DOCK.IO (DOCK) is a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security.

DOCK is a project that is highly regarded by the international community. This value is currently up 50% in value. The current price of the dock is $ 0.208881 USD

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The vision of CFun, in the 24 months to come, is to subvert all existing ways of creation, till that of socializing! Everyone may build their own community via CFun, of which content is body and token is blood. Each individual, company and product would build homeland exclusive to themselves. CFun is to reshape tokenized online community, redefine content-oriented social intercourse through Blockchain; redefine the value of members of community by means of token, i.e. Tokenize Individual Creativity.

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5. StockChain (SCC)

The Blockchain technology is an internet database technology with the feature of decentralization, transparency and fair. Everyone can participate in keeping the accounts. StockChain provides global cryptocurrency quotation and historical trading record for free. StockChain realizes information recognition and structural analysis based on machine learning and makes risk prediction on the cryptocurrency market based on the neutral network model. Based on tons of data, StockChain has developed a series of bigdata-based commercial application product such as institution-catered database etc. It also collaborates with several large enterprises to marketize and cash profits in data mining. StockChain can automatically identify the trading pattern from the global market data, predict in advance the trading trend and make promising trading strategy through collecting and formalizing the financial and trading data based on the machine learning technology.

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