The Top 5 most reliable ICO Rating websites

As the name says, I’ll be listing the in my opinion top 5 most reliable ICO rating websites here, along with a small description and personal opinion on each of them. I’ll be happy to also hear your opinions on ’em and discuss.

1. ICO Champs

Uh oh, some self-promo coming here: ICO Champs would be my ICO Rating website of choice.

We rate ICOs based on factors that do really matter in this industry — such as the hype, the risk and the profit potential, which is determined based on other criteria than you might think . Thanks to our “Quick Notes” feature, you can also always see why we have rated ICOs the way we did.

Also, you will find a feature for investors to participate in the site. Not only can you ask the ICO Team questions, you can even rate the profit potential of an ICO yourself and give your opinion about it.

Not to forget, we have really kicked in and created an extensive course teaching you all the knowledge we have about ICOs and how to best evaluate them. Give it a look, it really won’t hurt, as it’s absolutely free!  Wink I will guarantee you will have a different approach to evaluating ICOs than before after learning how this market really works.

2. ICObench

ICObench is a social ICO Rating platform supported by their very own bot named benchy. Anyone can register, fill out some information about himself and apply as an expert. In case you get approved, you are now able to publicly rate ICOs based on three factors: Team, Vision, and Product.

In order for these ratings to be as accurate as possible, ICObench has published a strict rating methodology, which everyone has to follow. However, based on my knowledge there isn’t any kind of control whether people are really following their rating methodology.

In addition to those rather subjective ratings, ICObench uses the already named bot benchy to give an automated “ICO Profile” rating, looking if enough information is provided on the official ICO website. Again, I am not really sure how this bot works and if it really is able to find all necessary information, even if it is there. Or the other way around, if there’s some way to trick it.

3. ICORating

ICORating is one of the, if not the, first ICO Rating platform out there. The website acts as an agency and focuses on evaluating ICOs based on their hype and risk score. Both of these factors are extremely important for the short term investment potential of an ICO.

The agency also provides thoroughly researched analysis of ICOs, not rarely almost as long as reading the ICOs whitepaper itself. What should be mentioned is that this service is a paid one which ICOs have requested themselves. Personally I think that ICORating’s target group are professional ICO Investors who are most probably investing in a dozen ICOs per month and just looking for short term profit, not caring a lot about the future development of a project.

A problem I see here is that ICOs have to pay a (quite large) amount of money to be thoroughly rated, but from my experience I don’t really think ICORating is biased or corrupt in any way.

4. CrushCrypto

I really like CrushCrypto.

It is a cryptocurrency analysis website not focusing solely on ICOs, but they have their own section for it. You won’t find a real ICO List with ratings here but rather written analyzes of projects they find interesting. What I find really comfortable is that they have their own YouTube Channel and are creating an extra YouTube Video for every analysis, presented by a young woman named Victoria.

However, looking at their analysis approach I think their ratings are more longterm based and should not be taken too seriously from people looking for short term investments.

5. Airdrop stats

AirdropStats is website for procject have program airdrop and bounty. Help everybody to earn token free from project ICO.

So, that’s it. Let me hear your opinion. What websites do you personally use in order to find good ICOs? Is there maybe anything I’ve missed here?

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