Airdrop and bounty MMO trends in 2018

Last time I had the general article coin free projects, coin free and guide you sign up for free coin up to several thousand dollars (in the near future when the this ICO project and into the Exchange).

Have you registered successfully, you are looking forward to the day the project on the trading floor right? Let’s go and join other projects to get a lot more $ You and I will continue to guide you how to make money at home in just a few simple steps.

Surely this will be the opportunity to help you earn more free tokens anywhere else and we will learn a new term in making money online: Airdrop and Bounty.

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What the Airdrop and Bounty get free token?

Airdrop and Bounty are registered forms to receive free token bonuses, free tokens from coin developers for members to help build the community quickly.

Token will be donated in limited quantities, in preparation for ICO and at times of stimulus for the project. Especially in this series, I will analyze deeply about Airdrop so take the time to learn to join early Airdrop projects to not miss this potential opportunity!

What are the advantages of the free token projects offered by Airdrop?

Compared with free coin-free projects, free coin is easy for members to request only email, the below is the difference and the advantages of the project Airdrop free token token, free token :

  1. The goal is to create a large community of Telegrams, for free registration at no cost.
  2. Coin-free projects are usually registered by email and password, while Airdrop’s mission is to use the wallet MEW and almost 100% must join the Telegram account.
  3. It usually takes between 30 seconds to a few minutes and 90% is the right chat with the project Bot.
  4. Many projects and to attract the community quickly, they will compete with each other by the amount of attractive token.
  5. Sign up early and get a free token, no need to be smart, knowledgeable or talented.
  6. Time for registration is usually quite short and ends very early compared to coin-free projects.

Requirements of the Airdrop project donated free token, token free?

Normally, to participate in Airdrop projects you will have two main elements:

  1. Have a telegram account (if you have joined the virtual currency world, you can not lack a Telegram account)
  2. There is a (MEW) wallet, if you do not know then you can ask google

Once you have met these two requirements, then here are the requirements and conditions that you need to meet to receive free tokens, tokens:

  1. Request email authentication
  2. Ask for like share Facebook, follow Twitter, Join (join) on their Telegram channel
  3. Some projects will require Reddit, Medium, …

When will you get token free, token free?

Often, soon after ICO complete token free will return the wallet MEW that you have provided. If KYC authentication is required, the project will send you an email to request! You do not need to worry because there will be specific instructions.

So you check the email regularly to be missed opportunities and lose token unfortunately.


Program airdrop and bounty have been listing on coinmarketcap

The airdrop and bounty is ICO of project the newest




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